I’m currently stuck in my apartment in Montreal, the course I’m teaching this semester transitioned online for the foreseeable future. Since so many of us will be socially isolated, I thought it would be appropriate to share more mixes than usual.
But Everyone Is Bored was made at the request of my friend Sam, who felt that this extraordinary experience we are undergoing called for something bespoke. I’ve heard that Contagion has been popular on streaming services lately, but I instead reached for Albert Camus‘ La Peste, or The Plague. Part I tells us that tout le monde s’ennuie,”  “everyone is bored,” which felt like the appropriate affect for what may turn out to be the early days of our turn inward.

The truth is that everyone is bored, and devotes himself to cultivating habits. Our citizens work hard, but solely with the object of getting rich. Their chief interest is commerce, and their chief aim in life is, as they call it, ‘doing business.’…


Matteo UggeriDialing NumberThe Telephone2019
PergolesiConcierto Nº 4 En Mi – AdagioStabat Mater18th C/ 2004
Black To CommAmateurAlphabet 19682009
Giacinto ScelsiElegia per Ty IIIThe Viola Works (Vincent Royer, Severine Ballon)2011
GASNarkopop 3Narkopop2017
Tim HeckerCastrati Stack (edit)Love Streams2016
Andrea Centazzo, Alvin Curran & Evan ParkerIn Real Time #3In Real Time1977/2006
Brian Eno with Robert WyattFliesPlague Songs2006
Connor Camburn101804xx2012003 (excerpt)Aulos – Αυλός2019
Van MorrisonToo Many MythsWhat’s Wrong With This Picture?2003
Caetano VelosoSugar Cane Fields ForeverAraçá Azul1972
Harmonia 76Weird DreamTracks & Traces1997
AutechreOverandTri Repetae++1995
Kevin DrummShut-In Extra 1Elapsed Time – Box Set – [Disc 6]2016
Giancarlo ToniuttiThat GardenMetánárkōsis1982
Black To CommNegative VolumesFractal Hair Geometry2008
Graham LambkinSummer Tape Work (excerpt)Summer Tape Work – No Better No Worse vol 12001
Julius EastmanIf You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?Unjust Malaise2005
GoblinSchool at Night (Lullaby, Music Box version)Profondo Rosso1975
Sean McCannVacant PassageTen Impressions for Piano & Strings2015
Morton FeldmanJourney to the End of the Night IIFeldman: Voices & Instruments (Claron McFadden)
Robert Wyatt5 Black Notes and 1 White NoteRuth Is Stranger Than Richard1975
Christina VantzouLaurie SpiegelNo. 32015
Lino Capra VaccinaElegiaAntico Adagio1978
Brian Eno & LaraajiMeditation #2Ambient 3: Days Of Radiance1980
Venetian SnaresCleaning Each OtherSongs About My Cats2001
Thomas Ankersmit / Valerio TricoliPlague #7Forma II
Jenny HvalThe PlagueBlood Bitch2016
Giacinto ScelsiKo-Lho for flute and clarinet IMusic for High Winds (Carol Robinson, Clara Novakova, Cathy Milliken)2001
Jason LescalleetThe Tragedy Of Man (excerpt)Much To My Demise2014
Handsome FursDumb Animals (edit)Plague Park2007
Brian EnoBecalmedAnother green world1978
Tulsa DroneThe Plague (excerpt)Songs From a Mean Season2007
TasadayFesteggiare In Piena PesteL’Eterna Risata1991
Brian McBridei know that you don’t like the future like i do (edit/mash-up)Effective Disconnect
Ricardo VillalobosFools Garden (Black Conga)Alcachofa2002
Caetano VelosoIt’s a Long WayTransa1972
Christina VantzouRemote Polyphony (feat. Steve Hauschildt)No. 42018
AGFThe More The Better, Less Is MoreBeatnadel2011
Crystal CastlesPlague (excerpt)(III)2012
Etta JamesIn The Basement (Theo Parrish Re-Edit)Ugly Edits Vol. 92005
Carlo GesualdoSparge la morte al mio Signor / Se la mia morte brami (simultaneous and panned edit)Madrigaux a 5 voix (Les Arts Florissants)
Matteo UggeriDialing Number (edit)The Telephone2019

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