Die erste Radiophon Sendung im neuen Jahr mit Karl Lippegaus und die ist sehr gelungen. Darf ich das überhaupt so schreiben? Freut Euch auf Musik von u.a. Lindsay Cooper, Sally Potter, Peter Blegvad, Rip, Rig & Panic, Robert Wyatt, John Surman, Spring Heel Jack …


© SWR2, Radiophon, 21.1.2021

Andy Partridge
Andy Partridge
The History of Rock’n’Roll
CD: miniatures / a sequence of fifty-one tiny masterpieces
Voiceprint/Pipe BP 159 ; LC 05219

Coxon, Wales
Spring Heel Jack
CD: Songs and Themes
Thirsty Ear thi 57183.2; LC o.A.

S. Gainsbourg
Fred Frith
The Ballad of Melody Nelson
CD: Prints (1996-1997)
RéR Megacorp/ Fred Records FRA 02; LC 02677

J. Blackmore
CD: Ornithophobia
Naim jazz naimcd 210; LC 55106

John Surman
John Surman
CD: The Road to Saint Ives
ECM 1418; LC 02516

Cunningham, Greaves
David Cunningham, John Greaves
The Inside
CD: greaves. cunningham
Piano cd506; LC 82185

D. Allen
Radio Gnome Direct Broadcasting
CD: Love from Planet Gong – The Virgin Years 1973-1975
Virgin 675 890-1; LC 03098

S. Kinch
Soweto Kinch
Degeneration, Part 1 – Gateway to Armageddon
CD: The Black Peril
Soweto Kinch Recordings SKR 001; LC o.A.

C. Logue, T. Kinsey
Christopher Logue with the Tony Kinsey Quintet
Can You Trap Shadows Like This?
CD: Underground London
Cherry Red/Él Records ACME353CDT; LC 06730

G. Collier
Graham Collier Music
New Conditions
CD: Darius/Midnight Blue/New Conditions
Beat Goes On BGOCD 895; LC 05982

P. Blegvad
Slapp Happy
Let’s Travel Light
CD: Ça Va
Virgin V2 VVR 1001662; LC 1801

Robin Williamson
Robin Williamson
CD: The Iron Stone
ECM 1969; LC 02516

M. Taylor, arr. N. Ardley
Norma Winstone
Song of Love
CD: Edge of Time
Disconforme DISC 1962; LC 18430

M. Westbrook
Mike Westbrook Orchestra
CD: Citadel/Room 315
Beat Goes On BGOCD 713; LC o.A.

Tippetts, Archer
Julie Tippetts, Martin Archer
CD: Serpentine
Discus CD 41; LC 04774

Bailey, Baptista
Derek Bailey, Cyro Baptista
Joga Toca
CD: Cyro
Incus 01

Oliver, Sager, Springer, Smith
Rip, Rig & Panic
Take A Don Key To Mystery
CD: I Am Cold
Cherry Red COMRED 573; LC

Cooper, Cutler, Parkins, Krause
News from Babel, Robert Wyatt
CD: News from Babel
RéR Megacorp NfBCD 1; LC 02677

Cooper, Potter
Lindsay Cooper, Sally Potter
The Assassination Waltz
CD: Music For Other Occasions
No Man’s Land nml 8603cd; LC 8538

Wachsmann, Lytton
Philipp Wachsmann, Paul Lytton
The Re(de)fining of Methods and Means
CD: Some Other Season
ECM 1662; LC 02516

R. Williamson, D. Thomas
Robin Williamson
Holy Spring
CD: The Seed-At-Zero
ECM 17; LC 02516

Huw Warren
CD: Infinite riches in a little room
Babel BDV 2132; LC 2821

Elliott Galvin Trio
Punch and Judy
CD: Punch
Edition EDN 1076; LC 28731

Dunmall, Levin, Rogers, Tippett
Spacetime 1
CD: Spacetime
Cuneiform rune 162; LC 38684

Martin Pyne
CD: Spirits of Absent Dancers
Discus CD 98; LC 04774


  1. Herrlich!
    Frith, Gong, Cooper,Wyatt, beim bloßen lesen der Zusammenstellung geht mir das Herz auf!
    Werde ich mir heute Abend anhören.
    Danke fürs Hochladen, hatte ich verpasst…


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