Ein neuer Mix von Ulrich Bassenge und mit Musik von u.a. Low, Helios, Machinefabriek, Emanuele Errante, Christina Vantzou, Andreas O. Hirsch, Dakota Suite, Dag Rosenqvist, Escape-ism, Yo La Tengo …


© SWR 2, Radiophon, 6.12.2018


01 Dakota Suite with Dag Rosenqvist & Emanuele Errante: Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You (Hooson, Chris). Karaoke Kalk 107 CD (LC10028). Album: What Matters Most

02 The Vegetable Orchestra: Bamako (The Vegetable Orchestra). Transacoustic Research tres009 (LC 00135). Album: Green Album

03 Emanuele Errante: Mist (Errante, Emanuele). Karaoke Kalk 109 CD (LC10028). Album: The Evanescence of a Thousand Colors

04 Machinefabriek (with Wei-Yun Chen). VII (Zuydervelt, Rutger). Western Vinyl WV185CD (LC o.A.). Album: With Voices

05 Wolfgang Mitterer: Beethoven-Intermezzo (Mitterer, Wolfgang). col legno WWE 1CD 20439 (LC 07989). Album: Nine in One

06 Cave: ShaSha (Cave). Drag City DC 654 (LC o.A.). Album: Allways

07 William Fowler Collins: We Are Here To Help You (Fowler Collins, William). SIGE SIGE056 (LC o.A.). Album: Field Music

08 Gudrun Gut: Seltene Erde (Gut, Gudrun). Monika Enterprises M93-LP (LC 01806). Album: Moment

09 Tim Hecker: Is a rose petal of the dying crimson light (Hecker, Tim). Kranky krank219 (LC o.A.). Album: Konoyo

10 Christina Vantzou: No.4 String Quartet (Vantzou, Christina). Kranky krank215 (LC o.A.). Album: N°4

11 Concerto Caledonia: Aminta one night had occasion to piss, Z430 (K.: Purcell, Henry / T.: D’Urfey, Thomas). Delphian Records DCD 34161 (LC 12979). CD: Purcell’s Revenge

12 Refree: LG0 24022017 (Refree, Raül). Glitterbeat/tak:til GBCD065 (LC 41276). Album: La Otra Midad

13 Less Bells: Bombardment (Carpenter, Julie). Kranky krank216 (LC o.A.). Album: Solifuge

14 Helios: Latest Lost (Kenniff, Keith). Ghostly International GI-322 (LC o.A.). Album: Veriditas 2

15 Andreas O. Hirsch: In The Mountains (Hirsch, Andreas O.). Makiphon 005 (LC o.A.). Album: Early Carbophonics

16 Laurie Spiegel: A Folk Study (Spiegel, Laurie). Unseen Worlds UW 22 (LC o.A.). Album: The Expanding Universe

17 Jibóia: Diapente (Silva, Óscar). Discrepant CREP60 (LC o.A.). Album: OOOO

18 Escape-ism: I Don’t Know Where Those Words Have Been (Svenonius, Ian). Merge Records MRG639 (LC o.A.). Album: The Lost Record

19 Yo La Tengo: What Chance Have I Got (Yo La Tengo). Matador Ole11666 (LC 11552). Album: There’s A Riot Going On

20 The Low Anthem: Give My Body Back (The Low Anthem). Joyful Noise Records JNR255 (LC o.A.). Album: The Salt Doll Went To Measure The Depth Of The Sea

21 Monty Adkins: Hollow (Adkins, Monty). Huddersfield Contemporary Records HRC19 (LC o.A.). Album: Still Juniper Snow

22 Low: The Son, The Sun (Low). Sub Pop SP 1250 (LC 03159). Album: Double Negative

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