Musiktipp: Volpuk – Le Feu Du Tigre / Cuneiform – Nur noch heute 50% billiger ….. !!!

Hallo zusammen ! Diese Aktion von Cuneiform gibt es jedes Wochenende für ein ausgewähltes Album. Oft ist es allerdings altes Zeug. Diese CD ist von 1995 und ein wunderbares Beispiel für die Musik dieser Zeit. Die Musiker um Guigou Chenevier ( u.a. Etron Fou Leloublan) musizieren munter drauflos, ohne Grenzen oder dergleichen. Und das macht einfach Spass ! Läuft jedenfalls bin mir seit Samstag … !

„A wonderful trio [whose] compositions are highly rhythmic and playful, full of both surprises and logical thematic development.“ – C.M.J.

„This first release by the Volapuk trio finds the group in top form. These guys are pros, after all, with drummer and leader Guigou Chenevier already a Rock in Opposition veteran with numerous recordings as a member of Etron Fou Leloublan, and the two other group members, Guillaume Aurel on cello and Michel Mandel on bass clarinet, both with substantial classical training and performance experience. 
The name „Volapuk“ references an early attempt at a universal language, actually predating Esperanto by 50 years. Just as Volapuk (the language) draws from English, German, Latin, French, and Italian sources, Volapuk (the group) integrates popular and folk music of various European cultures. However, this CD is transitional, in that it displays a strong art rock and classical influence at times, as well as a substantial jazz element, especially in Mandel’s clarinet work. Pieces like „El Sombrero,“ for example, are very much in the Rock in Opposition mold, with tricky time signatures, repetitive riffs, and the eventual appearance of Mandel’s earthy clarinet, wailing over the top.
Later CDs by the group will display a greater ethnic content, and perhaps a more natural integration of musical elements, but this is nonetheless a dynamic and confident recording, anchored by Chenevier’s inventive and propulsive drumming.“ – AllMusic

„Formed in Southern France in 1993, Volapük were initially a trio of drums, bass clarinet, and cello. The trio members used their instruments in expanded roles, creating unusual tonal colors; their music blended ensemble play, jazz, and chamber music with a solid rock underpinning.
In 1973 Volapük’s percussionist, Guigou Chenevier, had been a founder ofEtron Fou Leloublan, a band that (along with other groups including HenryCowUnivers ZeroStormy Six, and Samla Mammas Manna) became a charter member of the Rock in Opposition collective in 1978.
Bass clarinetist Michel Mandel received a master’s degree in music from the Grenoble Academy of Music. He has played in numerous musical and theatrical settings in Italy, France, Germany, and Hungary.
Cellist Guillaume Saurel studied at the Avignon Academy of Music. He has performed in concert and on recordings, and has played music for dance and theater throughout France.
After 17 years in existence, Volapük announced their breakup in March of 2010.“ – AllMusic

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  1. Alle Volapük-Alben sind ohne Ausnahme zu empfehlen – insgesamt alle Verästelungen ehemaliger Etron Fou Leloublan-Mitspieler!

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