„Winter Moon“ I only knew from Art Pepper’s album of the same name from 1980 before. And here he is backing Hoagy Carmichael in 1956! On trumpet is swing veteran Harry „Sweets“ Edison, if my ears don’t fail me yet. Jimmy Rowles, with whom Pepper worked in the last years, is on piano.

Dave Brubeck’s tune I became aware of from one of Zorn’s tribute CD (this time to Brubeck), called „In His Own Sweet Way“, where Erik Friedlander plays the „Winter Ballad“. I wanted to include the original, though.

Steve Gorn’s Teiji Ito interpretation is connected to Zorn, too – it’s from a Tzadik CD. And the couple Baars-Henneman is one of a kind.


(1956) Hoagy Carmichael + Pacific Jazz Men feat. Art Pepper – Winter Moon
(1964) Dave Brubeck Quartet – Winter Ballad
(1967) The Beach Boys – Fall Breaks and Back to Winter
(1970) Anton Bruhin + Stephan Wittwer – Winterlied
(1976) Bill Dixon – When Winter Comes
(1988) Morgan Sexton – Lonesome Scene of Winter
(1992) Aki Takase, Toki String Quartet, Nobuyoshi Ino – Winter in Buenos Aires
(1994) Otto Lechner – Die Wintersonnenwende: Finster und bitterkalt
(2003) Art Lande – Winter Thoughts
(2008) Steve Gorn Group – Winter – Epilogue (Teiji Ito)
(2012) Ab Baars + Ig Henneman – Winter Comes to Hush Her Song
(2014) Orbál – Winter’s Coming

total time: 57’59

Wintered by Lucky.
Cover detail from „The Hunters in the Snow“ (1565) by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.
Dedicated to the memory of my paternal grandfather.

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