Lucky’s LPH 029 – The Collage in Music (1952-97) …first posted @ Border Music and Art of the Mix, 2007 And Dedicated To Karl Lippegaus

Diesen Mix hatte ich mir gestern angehört und es war ein großer Spaß ! Der Lautstärke Regler wurde immer weiter gegen 12 Uhr gedreht. Freut euch also John Oswald, Negativland, David Shea, The Residents, The Mothers of Invention, Christian Marclay und den Beatles !



(1952-60) André Hodeir – Jazz et Jazz
(1961) James Tenney – Collage #1 (’Blue Suede’)
(1966) The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows
(1967) The Mothers of Invention – Brown Shoes Don’t Make It
(1975) Tom Zé – Toc
(1976) The Residents – Swastikas on Parade (extract)
(1987) Christian Marclay (plays with the records of) – Jimi Hendrix
(1987) M.A.R.R.S. – Pump Up the Volume (Radio Edit)
(1989) Negativland – The Perfect Cut (Rooty Poops)
(1993) Dave Soldier – Matarile
(1993) John Oswald – Blur (extract)
(1994) Bob Ostertag – The Man in the Blue Slip (extract)
(1994) David Shea – Screwy Squirrel
(1994) Milk Cult – Urine, the Money
(1995) Django Bates – New York, New York
(1997) David Slusser – Hip Replacement
(1997) Rik Rue – More Than Less


total time: 68’44

Collaged by Lucky.
Cover art from Max Ernst’s collage novel „La femme 100 têtes“, 1929.
Dedicated to German music journalist Karl Lippegaus, who made a radio program on this subject in the late 1990’s, where he presented most of the featured tracks.

„As technology allowed more sophisticated manipulation of sound in the studio, musique concrète evolved towards cut-up, collage and montage techniques that mixed found sounds and electronic sounds (and sometimes conventional instruments). The musical score did not disappear, but became the music itself. Musique concrète moved, de facto, closer to the aesthetics of jazz and rock music, in which the composer ‚is‘ the performer. […]“

(Piero Scaruffi)

See also Chris Cutler’s article about „Plunderphonia“ at his homepage.

Audio collages on the web:
– Some Assembly Required
– Ubuweb

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