1 Stunde zum Thema: „Relax“. Genau das richtige bei diesen Temperaturen. Mit dabei sind u.a.  Ennio Morricone, King Tubby, David Garland, Alessandro Bosetti, The Aggrovators, Teddy Charles New Directions Quartet … Relax !



(1951) Tommy Duncan with The Ranger Trio – Relax and Take It Easy
(1955-1) Teddy Charles New Directions Quartet – Relaxo Abstracto
(1955-2) Machito + His Afro-Cubans – Relax and Mambo
(1964 Jan) Harry Sukman – You Can Relax Now – Stunned (Dr. Kildare: Tyger, Tyger)
(1965) Ennio Morricone – Relax in Solitudine (Idoli Controluce)
(1967) Lenny Dee – Relaxin‘
(1971) Septet Matchi-Oul – Relaxin
(1974) Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra – Relaxation
(1980) Michael Sell Contemporary Music Ensemble – Abspannung (Relaxation)
(1981) Peter Thomas – Relaxed Holiday
(1982) King Tubby + The Aggrovators – Relaxing Mood
(2001) Alexei Aigui + Pierre Bastien – Musique pour la relaxation
(2003) Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre + The Light – Let Us All Relax
(2005) Alessandro Bosetti – Signora Relax (Tagalog)
(2006) Stella Chiweshe – Mazorodze (Relax)
(2007) David Garland – The Intention to Relax and Think About Things


Compiled by Lucky.
Cover drawing by my daughter.
The theme is dedicated to my sister, who nearly finished writing her thesis.

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