Longform Editions isn’t necessarily interested in being overly prescriptive, dictating how we should or should not listen. Khedoori never makes a moral argument that things should be one way or another. But for those who feel increasingly overwhelmed and are looking for an escape, subscribe to the Longform series for your regular dose of music that encourages deep listening.



All selections excerpted from works on Longform Editions unless otherwise noted.

Ahnnu (The Dreaming Arrow, 2019)

SP Intro (the new objective – “vita activa” [2018] plus film samples)

Matthewdavid’s Mindflight  (Marimbza, 2018)

Ekin Fil (Windblow, 2018)

Lee Noble (Q, 2018)

Frank Bretschneider (Sweet Water Pools, 2019)

Upgrayedd Smurphy (#InterDimensionalMagic, 2018)

Nozomu Matsumodo (Phonocentrism, 2019)

Nicola Ratti (k1/k2, 2019)

Matchess (Fundamental 256 hz, 2019)

Richard Youngs (Daybreak, 2018)

Felicity Mangan – Stereo’frog’ic (2019)

Danny Paul Grody (Sunrise, Looking East, 2019)

Caterina Barbieri (Sogno Che Suona, 2018)

N Chambers (Itinerant Pattern, 2018)

Kate Carr (City of Bridges, 2019)

Sun Araw & Mitchell Brown (Fluid Array, 2019)

Deep Magic – “Extended Days” (Bonus from Reflections of Most Forgotten Love, Preservation, 2013)

Sound Propositions is written, recorded, mixed, and produced by Joseph Sannicandro.

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