Peter Zummo’s trombone style is recognised as one of the central features of Arthur Russell’s sound but Russell was just one of many artists Zummo has collaborated with.

Among others are The Lounge Lizards, Peter Gordon and his Love of Life Orchestra, Oliver Coates and composers David Behrman, Annea Lockwood and Pauline Oliveros. In this edition of the Late Junction mixtape Verity Sharp presents 30 minutes of unbroken music that Zummo has put together from across the breadth of his collection including fever jazz by Rahsaan Roland Kirk, searing electronics by Japanese fluxus composer Yazunao Tone and quintessential soul from Jr Walker.

Produced by Alannah Chance. A Reduced Listening Production for BBC Radio 3.


1 Olivia Louvel – The Weaver

2 Arthur Russell – Hop On Down

3 Yorkston Thorne Khan – Twa Brothers

4 Jan St. Werner – VS Cancelled (edit)

5 Pulled by Magnets & Kit Downes – Invite Them In

6 Fidil – Pinch of Snuff – The Wild Irishman

7 Hien Bihoulèté, Kambiré Tiaporté & Da Gboro Alé – Binkontina (extract)

8 Cecilia Castro – Para Eliza

9 Peter Zummo – Song II – Left, on the beat – Variation 1

10 Roswell Rudd & The Jazz Composer’s Orchestra – Breathahoward

11 Jr. Walker & The All Stars – How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)

12 Luciano Berio – Sequenza V For Trombone Solo

13 Commodores – Brick House (excerpt)

14 Miles Davis – Dark Magus – Nne

15 刀根康尚 – Jiao Liao Fruits (Excerpt)

16 Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Horses

17 Guy de Bièvre – Night

18 Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Dream

19 Warren Zevon – Interlude No. 1

20 César Franck – Symphony in D Minor (excerpt)

21 Ahmad Jamal – There Are Such Things

22 People Like Us – Listen With Your Eyes

23 PIQSIQ – Tuktu Strut

24 Seth Cooke – Side A (extract)

25 Robert Haigh – Ghosts of Blacker Dye

26 Jeff Parker – Go Away

27 IZEY – Displacement

28 Mary & David – Venus



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