Michael Engelbrecht mit Musik von u.a. Dictaphone, Norma Winstone, Roger Eno, Andy Sheppard,  Nils Frahm, Tocotronic, Fire!, Elephant9, Laurie Anderson with Kronos Quartet, Nicolas Masson, Kim Myhr …


HOUR ONE (new albums) – Dictaphone / Dictaphone //  Norma Winstone / Norma Winstone  // Roger Eno / Roger Eno // Andy Sheppard  / Andy Sheppard //  Nils Frahm / Nils Frahm

HOUR TWO (new albums) – (Sternzeit)  // Tocotronic / Fire! (two tracks, „a stone-cold, hot-blooded cracker“ (Michael Engelbrecht, Bagles and Beans, Aachen)) // Elephant9 (two tracks) // Laurie Anderson with Kronos Quartet (two tracks) / Nicolas Masson // Kim Myhr

HOUR THREE (close-up) – „Ozeanische Gefühle und andere Rauschzustände – die Musik von Flying Saucer Attack (from the albums „Distance“, „Further“, „Chorus“, „New Lands“ and „Instrumentals“) 


(time travel 1) – Change of Plan: „Paris 1975“



(time travel 2) – Richard Horovitz: „Eros in Arabia“ – His career has seen him work with a list of names such as David Byrne, Jon Hassell, The Kronos Quartet, Bill Laswell, and Suzanne Vega. Contribute to Steven Halperns New Age creations. Records with Teheran-born vocalist Sussan Deyhim. Collaborate with Ryuichi Sakamoto on The Sheltering Sky. Score countless other films and installations. Eros In Arabia was originally self-released in 1981. Full of sustained harmonies and supernatural winds. Whispering ancient tales of heroes and heroines. Twisting chimes and percussion. Distorting into an Industrial mystic. Rhythmic chant colliding with bar room piano and harpsichord. Increasing in frequency, gamelan-like. Machines melting the hammered gongs to mercury. Steel screams and close miced stress fractures.

(time travel 3) – A  selection of bird recordings, with solo    performers, communal displays and soundscapes containing many different species, including two tracks that feature mammals. The recordings come from locations as diverse as Moroccan deserts, the Canadian tundra and the Siberian taiga. Selected highlights from 17 years of recording the sounds of birds and other animals. Whether it’s a thawing lake in the Canadian Arctic, a narrow plateau on a desert island in the Atlantic, the eaves of a house in a Spanish village or the roof of a yurt on the Mongolian steppes, these bird sound recordings will take you to places you’ve never been. Previously unpublished highlights from 17 years of travelling and collecting, with almost twice as many tracks on the accompanying USB. And, in between,  from another vinyl revelation by EEC Records,  one song about the end of the world (oh, there are birds, too!), and, perhaps, another one that has yet to be chosen. 

© Deutschlandfunk, Radionacht, Klanghorizonte, 17.2.2018


  1. Hallo Henry,

    erst einmal vielen Dank für Deinen tollen Service für (schlafmützige) Radiohörer!

    Leider hast Du aber aus Versehen 3x die ersten beiden Stunden verlinkt. Kannst Du bei Gelegenheit mal die folgenden drei Stunden verlinken?

    Viele Grüße

    Alexander Kippmann

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