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Auf seinen Tod hin habe ich viele seiner Aufnahmen wieder angehört und Nachrufe gelesen. Harry Lachner Erinnerungen an Cecil gehören dazu, ebenso die Gedanken von Ulrich Stock. Und er war es, der mich auf eine Aufnahme mit dem Feel Trio brachte. Und ich muß ihm Recht geben, dieses Trio hat an jenen Abend wirklich große Musik geschaffen.

Looking (Berlin Version) ist der Mitschnitt eines Konzertes vom Herbst 1989. Es spielt Taylors Feel Trio mit William Parker, Kontrabass, und Tony Oxley, Schlagzeug. Taylor startet mit einem ostinaten Motiv der linken Hand; Parker nimmt es auf, grummelnd, beharrend. Taylor tastet sich in ein höheres Register vor; da setzt Oxley ein mit scheppernd heller Perkussion auf Trömmelchen und Schellen, und spätestens jetzt, nach kaum einer Minute, ist klar, dass hier nichts Normales mehr folgen wird. © die Zeit, Klassiker der Moderne (80)Gegen die Wand von Ulrich Stock / 11. Oktober 2007, 

Die Zeit weiter lesen …

The Feel Trio 
Cecil Taylor: piano
William Parker: double bass
Tony Oxley: drums

Recorded live by Holger Scheuermann and Jost Gebers on November 2nd, 1989, during the Total Music Meeting at the Quartier Latin in Berlin.

Mixed by Jost Gebers.
Mastered by Jonas Bergler.
Produced by Jost Gebers.

Booklet design/layout: Jost Gebers.
Photos: outside by Helma Schleif; inside by Dagmar Gebers.

„‚Looking,‘ recorded last year in Berlin, is by the same trio that played in London, maybe the brightest and most integrated group Taylor has ever led, and is every bit as joyous and remarkable as those performances. I prefer it to the Taylor/Oxley Berlin CD; Oxley’s drums sound lighter and freer (and better recorded) and William Parker’s bass adds a really valuable dimension to the music, opening it up and making it easier to hear. Rhythmically Parker sometimes seems like an extension of Taylor, though more often he acts as an independent centre of focus, around which the piano and percussion swirl and collude with a combination of freedom and sensitivity that is really beautiful and liberating. Even if, like me, you’ve already got more Cecil Taylor recordings than time to assimilate them, this one is essential.“ –The Wire

„Not only is Taylor at his most dazzling, but he has rarely been more responsive; no wonder that, in the company of bassist William Parker and drummer Tony Oxley, Taylor submits to a collective identity. A suite of envelope-pushing passages that downshift to detailed ruminations, ‚Looking‘ is a cogent updating of Taylor’s 30-year practice of rhythmic compression and release. Oxley’s swirling cymbal washes and flinty cadences are key; not only does he prod Taylor, but, perhaps more importantly, he pushes Parker more than any previous drummer in Taylor’s units. Oxley’s contribution to Taylor’s music is comparable to that of Dennis Charles, Sunny Murray, or Andrew Cyrille – a major factor why the Feel Trio is Taylor’s first great post-Jimmy Lyons unit.“ — Bill Shoemaker, Downbeat

„…it’s more than empathy or affinity, it’s downright musical telepathy. There are no extra notes played here, no lazy harmonic structures or modal clichés. This is new music in the purest sense of the phrase. The listener is treated to, and hopefully moved by, the sound of something being born, coming from silence, and an hour later returning there somehow — making it even bigger, more cavernous, and colorful as a result of this trio’s awesome creation.“ — Thom Jurek, All Music Guide, 4½ Stars

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