Ein großes Feature über Diamanda Galás soll der Anlass sein, hier auf diese großartige, weil kompromisslose Künstlerin zu verweisen …

Avant-garde composer and performer Diamanda Galás occupies a distinct place in history; her work is aesthetically unique, situated at the nexus of contemporary classical composition and activism (her music is inextricable from her personal, passionate work with ACT UP!), its threads going back centuries to folk and pop practices from a wide variety of countries. Those whose musical knowledge is not as wide-ranging as hers tend to misunderstand her. This is something she’s understandably furious about, speaking about the critical reception to her new pair of albums, All the Waya collection of traditional and jazz standards, and At Saint Thomas the Apostle Harlem, a live recording of, as she describes it, “death songs,” from a 2016 New York performance…. by Jes Skolnik / Foto von Austin Young


Diamanda Galás singt Klassiker ….

Diamanda Galás Livemitschnitt:


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