Cuneiform: Sonar – Static Motion / Dieses Wochenende für FIVE

„…Sonar’s idiosyncratic sound world…once you are in, you don’t want to leave…“
– Nik Bärtsch (pianist, composer and ECM recording artist) // „A really fascinating blend of art-rock, groove-based minimalism and abstract mathematical theory, all woven together to great effect“ – John Schaefer, host of New Sounds

„This is truly music as you’ve never experienced it before and a one of a kind musical performance.“
– The Capstone Theatre, Liverpool UK


SONAR is a progressive post-minimal band from Switzerland. Their name stands for SONic ARchitecture, a name which alludes to their intention of creating polymetric and highly structured avant-rock. Static Motion is their second full-length release, and their first release outside of Switzerland.

Fusing a rigorous minimal esthetic with the power of a rock band, every note and rhythm is precisely composed and performed, all of which are designed to move you from one rhythmic and / or harmonic tension to the next. Sonar is the last word in a rock band that works by building their music out of blocks consisting of slowly rising and unfolding musical tension. While you can hear elements of Sonar’s sound in ensembles such as King Crimson, Glenn Branca, Present, etc, ultimately, no one else sounds like this and Static Motion is a powerful and extraordinary listen!

released January 21, 2014

Stephan Thelen: guitar
Bernhard Wagner: guitar
Christian Kuntner: bass guitar
Manuel Pasquinelli: drums

Recorded “live In The Studio” 25 – 28 April 2013,
Ocean Sound Recordings, Giske, Norway.

Engineer: Henning Svoren

Additional Recording & Mixing May – June 2013,
Reptile Refuge, Warth, Switzerland.

Mastered By Andi Pupato In Zürich, Switzerland.

All Compositions By Stephan Thelen (Suisa), Arranged By Sonar.

Cover Design By Stephan Thelen.

Max Franosch (Booklet Pages 2 And 15, Giske, Norway)
Mike Bearpark (Booklet Pages 5-6, Vortex, London, Uk)
Michael Kasper (Booklet Pages 11-12, Bern, Switzerland)
Stephan Thelen (Cover Photo, Aalesund, Norway)

Special Thanks To: Steve Feigenbaum,
Henning Svoren, Idar Giskegjerde, Anil Prasad,
Mike Chadwick, Max Franosch, Mike Bearpark,
Nik Bärtsch, Chris Diggelmann, Andi Pupato,
Katharina Thelen-Lässer & Astride Schlaefli


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