This weekend’s Five Dollar album is Solar Flares Burn For You by Robert Wyatt.
Vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Robert Wyatt’s career extends from the beginnings of the psychedelic era to the present day.

This album started its life as simply a collection of the two BBC Top Gear sessions that Robert recorded in 1972 and 1974. But as we worked on it, Robert became more and more involved in it, until it ended up in its final form.

In addition to the Top Gear recordings, there is a previously unheard and little known 1973 soundtrack for a short experimental film, two recent works with old collaborator Hugh Hopper and finally a 2003 home demo of a new song that did not end up on Robert’s new release „Cuckooland“.

released September 16, 2003

All voices and instruments by Robert Wyatt except

5 and 12:
Hugh Hopper – loops and bass
Robert Wyatt – cornet and keyboards

7 to11:
Francis Monkman – synthesizers, piano, electric piano and backing vocals
Alfie Benge and friends – vocals on 10 and 11

—– —–
13 recorded early 2003 at home by Robert Wyatt

5 and 12 recorded Winter 2002-2003 at Robert Wyatt’s and Hugh Hopper’s homes.

1 to 4 recorded September 10, 1974 at Langham 1, BBC, London, UK

6 recorded spring, 1973 as the soundtrack to the short film ‚Solarflares Burn For You‘ at Nick Mason’s home studio, London, UK

7 to 11 recorded December 5, 1972 at Langham 1, BBC, London, UK

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