„Whipsmart geek-prog with sax up front and catchy as all get out. Klezmer tunes and tempos. The addition of post-punk jaggedness helps to make this the sort of thing that Dog Faced Hermans fans would enjoy.“ – New Sonic Architecture.

For Fist Full Of Iffy, their second album, Rattlemouth stripped down to the core trio of Danny Finney-saxes & vocals, Tom Brickman-bass & Robbie Kinter-drums & spent two years developing the material here.

Their tunes are instantly recognizable: unusual scales and modes in the melodies that are usually handled by sax. The rhythm section keeps all of this activity firmly grounded, with quick-witted bass work and a drummer who can find the groove no matter what else is going on musically.

The lack of guitar & trio format takes this further away from the „rock“ elements of their first, & puts this more in line with musical iconoclasts like Etron Fou, albeit in a less obviously „weird“ manner.

released April 28, 1998

Danny Finney – saxophones, vocals
Tom Brickmann – bass
Robbie Kinter – drums

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