The music features the amazing, instantly recognizable string interplay that all their albums feature, with the performances generally slanted towards the heavier sound of their previous album, Rage. A great record that gives their many fans a chance to say a final farewell to a band with „…a very fresh & different twist on the borderline King Crimson/Rock In Opposition genre“ – Audion 

Le Dernier Mot (The Last Word) was the fifth and final release by the French instrumental prog outfit Philharmonie.
The group had disbanded in October 1997, but some things had been left unsaid and original members Frédéric L’Épée (guitars) and Bernard Ros (who left his Chapman stick to play the Warr guitar on this album) teamed up with drummer Volodia Brice to record one last album between March and August 1998.
Although rockier, Le Dernier Mot arches back to the wonderful Nord and is everything Rage wasn’t: complex, full of emotion, inventive. The opener „Rondo Argentin“ is a sad dance reminiscent of „Vers le Nord.“ Brice’s drums are totally unobtrusive and fit perfectly the mood. „Métamorphose“ is a very efficient hard-progging number. Both pieces were performed live before October 1997 but were never recorded. „Sans réponse“ and „Bruine“ are guitar solos that were also part of the live show. „Le Dernier Mot“ is the only piece collectively written by this incarnation of the band (although all other tracks have been „revisited“, so to speak), a surprising piece opening on a hard-rock theme which boils down to acoustic guitars only to finish harder. „Campanile“ is a guitar duet dating from Philharmonie’s very early days, a never-recorded live favorite.
If every band’s swan song was as good as this, the history of rock music would be a lot more interesting.“ – AllMusic 


Frédéric L’Épée – new standard tuned guitar, traditionally tuned guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, bass, loops
Bernard Ros – Warr guitar loops, guitar
Volodia Brice – drums

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