Cuneiform: NeBeLNeST – NoVa eXPReSS / Dieses Wochenende für FIVE

„…the four members of NeBeLNeST borrow bits and pieces of old school art rock and arrange them into a singular sound awash in dissonance and strangely mutated guitar / keyboard tones. That approache produces forays that are by turns heady, abrasive, eerie, offbeat…“ – Chicago Tribune 

„This young quartet evoke the spirit of legendary Euroean Rock In Opposition bands such as Magma, Heldon and Univers Zero. Central to the sound is the continuous rolling boil of Michael Anselmi’s drumming and the throbbing, groaning, all-over-the-fretboard bass work of Gregory Tejedor. The two often double up, playing rhythmic figures in unison, for a classic zeuhl bottom end that is absolutely relentless. Guitarist Cyril Malderrez and keyboardist Olivier Tejedor do their own riffing over the top, weaving long, intricate lines and motifs that are nimble and texturally rich, with enough energy and invention to sustain interest over the long haul. This is instrumental prog rock at its very best.“
– Alternative Press / Bill Tilland 


Michael Anselmi – drums, percussion
Cyril Malderez – guitar
Gregory Tejador – bass, percussion
Olivier Tejedor – keyboards, devices, percussion

NeBeLNeST are one of the most adventurous and energetic young bands to emerge on the international post-rock / avant-progressive scene in recent years.
The young French band is noted for its dark symphonic rock music influenced by King Crimson, Pulsar & Shylock, laced with psychedelia and improvisation, and played with a riveting level of energy and intensity that 70’s bands never even considered!
Nova Express, their second album, is produced by Bob Drake of the 5uu’s and Thinking Plague, and who has recorded solo and other albums for the ReR label. Drake’s distinctive production techniques are a perfect match for NeBeLNeST, emphasizing and augmenting the wide dynamic range of the band’s dark, mesmerizing sound.

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John Cratchley Another overlooked gem from Cuneiform’s stalwart support of European progressive instrumental virtuosic rock…like Zaar and Yang also on the same label ( and also excellent)…really atmospheric and intelligent music from a European scene that most English listeners probably won’t know so well…but probably need to know better (while we were immersed in our own scene the rest of Europe was establishing a lasting heritage of their own with bands who didn’t tour the UK regularly and remained a well kept secret).
We took ‚Krautrock‘ to our hearts and overlooked all this!
Time to reconsider and catch up maybe?

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