Cuneiform: Guigou Chenevier – Les Rumours de la Ville / dieses Wochenende für FIVE

„…this is a great live RIO album. It was recorded live in concert – I guess the tape recordings of the amateur musicians were played on stage along with the „live“ musicians. It is really a Volapük album with Chenevier, Michel Mandel and Guillaume Saurel from Volapük plus 4 other musicians plus the tapes of the amateurs.“ – RateYourMusic

This album grew out of a workshop Guigou held in his home of Avignon. He composed music for saxes, clarinets, cellos, keyboards, guitar, bass & drums, to be played by professional musicians [with all of Volapük as part of the band]. Then he added tapes he had made of „amateur“ musicians performing in impromptu situations.

This work is a mixture of the compositions for septet plus taped fragments of the amateurs. Neither aspect stands alone, as each – the professional & the enthusiastic amateur – is assimilated into the whole.

Great compositions, great playing & a beautiful cover; basically this is a Guigou-led, big-band Volapük record. A brilliant & unique presentation.

eleased September 1, 1998

Laurence Bigot : saxophone, samplers, sound materials
Guigou Chenevier : drums
Olivier Gaudino : bass
Fred Giuliani : keyboards
Laurent Luci : guitar on 2, 3, 6, 7, 8
Michel Mandel : bass clarinet, clarinet, tenor and soprano saxophone
Guillaume Saurel : cello

The „Amateurs“
Olivier Cadart : trombone
Bruno Fache : guitar, voice
Roland Delrue : accordion
Eliane Charasse : voice
Louis Vincent : trumpet
Bernard Tieberghen : guitar
Maurice Millet : keyboards
Julie Mayen : violin

Recorded live January 1996, salle Benoît XII in Avignon, France.
Mixed by Olivier Gaudino, Guigou Chenevier and Emmanuel Gilot, spring 1997.

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