Cuneiform: Djam Karet – The Devouring / Dieses Wochenende für FIVE

„The Devouring is the best progressive rock album of the 1990’s“ – Dr. Robert LaDuca (Nearfest co-founder) „…the greatest undiscovered band in the world.“ – Electronic Musician „Pink Floydian dreamscapes intersect with the jagged complexity of King Crimson.“ – Rolling Stone


The Devouring, released in 1997, was the first of eight albums we released or reissued on Cuneiform. We are featuring it now in honor of the band’s latest, A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof, which Wayside Music will have in stock any day! The Devouring is a summation of over a decade’s worth of work, incorporating musical elements from all their previous releases. It is most notable for incorporating heavy rock pieces together with ambient and electronic textures.
Featuring all of the heavy & wild dual guitar work, flowing basswork & rock-solid drumming we have all come to expect from Djam Karet, as well as creepy mellotron, & synth leads. A heavy progressive rock fan’s dream come true!


Gayle Ellett / guitars (6- & 7-string electric, acoustic 12-string, 24-string steel, guitar synth, e-bow), organ, Mellotron, analog & digital keyboards, sampler, Theremin, koto, percussion & sounds
Henry Osborne / 5-string bass, „bottled“ bass, lead, rhythm & acoustic guitars, keyboards, programming
Chuck Oken, Jr. / drums, keyboard sequencing
Mike Henderson / 6- & 12-string guitars (1-3,5)
Judy Garp / rhythm violin (4)

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„Djam Karet is an all instrumental progressive rock, proto-jam band. As evidenced by their sizable catalog of recordings, whose varied sounds and compositions owe to early prog bands such as King Crimson, Soft Machine, and Pink Floyd, and jam rockers the Grateful Dead, they also hold several traits in common with peer explorers Porcupine Tree and Ozric Tentacles.
Founded in 1984 in the Los Angeles area, the group’s „trademark“ sound is characterized by a shapeshifting meld of blistering guitar solos, ambient and atmospheric sonic passages, organic and electronic drums, and prodigious use of old-school prog rock keyboards alongside postmodern sampling technologies. But their complex aesthetic also weaves new age, jazz, and global fusion, hard rock, and metal, mutant blues, and even surf into an ever-evolving mix.
After signing with Cuneiform in 1997, Djam Karet only increased their productivity in the studio and on the road internationally, releasing breakthrough albums…which showcased an increased and forward-thinking use of electronica.“ – AllMusic

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