Cuneiform: Blast – Wire Stitched Ears / Dieses Wochenende für FIVE

„…tight, complex, angular, polyrhythmic, verging-on-brilliant Dadist chamber rock…indescribably powerful & compelling…this is a must.“ – Alternative Press // „This is the real thing…some of the most amazing & completely insane chamber rock of the day.“ – Expose

Recorded March 1994 in Tilburg, The Netherlands at the Tafelbergstudio by Bernard Jussen. Mixed by Bernard Jussen, Dirk Bruinsma, Frank Crijns.

Founded in 1989 and releasing their first album in 1991, Blast are a brilliant Dutch avant/rock band, who combine a very unique & recognizable skewed rhythmic base with angular & intricate horn & guitar charts ala Henry Cow and Doctor Nerve.

Wire Stitched Ears, released in 1995, was their second album and their first of three for Cuneiform.

The music is tough-edged & aggressive and must be heard to be believed; a great disc of intensely complicated, rehearsal-intensive RIO-style rock.


Dirk Bruinsma – baritone sax, electric bass, vocals, organ, tape
Edward Capel – alto & soprano sax, bass clarinet
Frank Crijns – electric guitar, acoustic guitar
James Menesis – drums, percussion
Emanuela Cavallaro – vocals and lyrics (5)
Wim Van Der Maas – clarinet (2, 4)

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