CD Tipp: V.A. Unexplained Sounds Group – 5th Annual Report / Unexplained Sounds Group

Unexplained Sounds Group celebrates its 5th year of activity with the 5TH Annual Report compilation, completely focused on musicians who are constantly close to our network of „aural disorientation“.

This year we are doing something different from our previous annual reports:we will be issuing a limited edition CD which showcases a selection of 13 projects, as opposed to the digital only format of previous Annual Reports. We will include all the musicians who haven’t made it on to the physical format this year in the next edition. Describing the musical content of the 52 tracks included in report is quite hard. But if you’re in USG’s orbit, you know that many surprises await you. Long life to Unexplained Sounds Group! © Raffaele Pezzella

Edited by ©Unexplained Sounds Group
Curated by Raffaele Pezzella (Sonologyst)
CD Mastering: Sonologyst
Photo: John Kay
Layout: Francesco Di Stasio



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