CD Tipp: North Sea Radio Orchestra With John Greaves And Annie Barbazza – Folly Bololey / Dark Companion Records

With the addition of Henry Cow bassist, John Greaves, ex-Cardiac William D Drake and vocalist Annie Barbazza, the quintessentially English chamber ensemble, North Sea Radio Orchestra, are perfectly suited for a haunting reimagining of one of Robert Wyatt’s best loved solo albums, Rock Bottom.© The Quietus


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Tracking List: 1. Sea Song 5:54 2. A Last Straw 5:27 3. Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road 5:04 4. Alifib 7:45 5. Alifie 5:19 6. Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road 5:18 bonus tracks: 7. The British Road 6:25 8. Maryan 5:41 9. Shipbuilding 4:47 10. O Caroline 5:09 Personnel: Annie Barbazza: Lead Vocal/Farfisa Organ John Greaves: Bass guitar/Vocal (track 4 and 11)/Spoken Word (track 3, 5 and 6) Nicky Baigent: Bb Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Spoken Word (track 5) Luke Crookes: Bassoon William D. Drake: Piano/Farfisa Organ/Vocal (track 2,3 and 5) Harry Escott: Cello Craig Fortnam: Guitar/Farfisa Organ/Vocal (track 7 and 9) Tommaso Franguelli: Vibes/Percussion Cheb Nettles: Drums Laurent Valero: Violin/Viola/Recorder/Bass Recorder


released May 8, 2019


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