Gilles hears from Nubya Garcia, Terrace Martin, Gary Bartz and Jake Long about their new releases. Plus he is Diggin’ In The Archives with Sa-Ra Creative Partners in session from Maida Vale in 2004 and Jill Scotts performance at the ICA in 2000.

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Rob Gallagher – Staying Alert
Donald Byrd – Cristo Redentor
Lady Blackbird – Blackbird
Ron Basejam – Revelation
Frank Spirit and Keys of Links – Virtue
Joe Smooth – Promised Land (Club Mix)
War – Life Is So Strange
21st Century Singers – Keep On Pressing My Way
Damon Locks – Rebuild A Nation
Nicolas Jaar – Cenizas
Prince – Have A Heart
John Coltrane – Alabama
Stephen Jackson – Stand With Me
The Isley Brothers – Ohio / Machine Gun
Norah Jones – Hurts To Be Alone
Rob Gallagher – Club Lockdown
Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators – Feeling Free
Kutiman – Copsavana
Soul Revivers – Harder
(feat. Ernest Ranglin)
Admas – Anchi Bale Game
Wynton Kelly – Not a Tear
Frank Minion – So What
Miles Davis – Freddie Freeloader
Dinah Washington – New Blow Top Blues
Sharhabil Ahmed – Argos Farfish
Fadoul – Sid Redad
Sherwood & Pinch – One Law for the Rich
(feat. Daddy Freddy & Dubiterian)
Sherwood – Cummings and Going (Dub)
Zara McFarlane – Black Treasure
Branko – SDDS
Jill Scott – Watching Me
Jill Scott – The Way (Recorded at the ICA, September 2000)
Jill Scott – Getting In The Way (MJ Cole Remix)
Rob Gallagher – Club Lockdown 2 Pirate Radio Ad 1
The Streets – Has It Come To This?
Kamaal Williams – One More Time
Natalie Slade – Gimme Ya Love
DJ Jigüe – Afro Gitana Tropical
James Mason – Free
Prince – So High
Etuk Ubong – African Struggle
Frank Foster – The Loud Minority
Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid
Roy Ayers – We Live In Brooklyn
Tyson – Moonlight
Oscar #Worldpeace – Mmm
(feat. Ragz Originale & Benji Flow)
liv.e – Lessons From My Mistakes…but I Lost Your Number
D’Angelo – Betray My Heart
Nubya Garcia – Red Sun
Nubya Garcia – Pace
Rob Gallagher – Club Lockdown 2 Pirate Radio Ad 2
Gary Bartz – Racism (Blues In Double BB Minor)
Sa-Ra – Intro: Mighty Mouse (Live in Session, Maida Vale, 2004)
Sa-Ra – Spacewades (Live in Session, Maida Vale, 2004)
Sa-Ra – Rosebuds (Live in Session, Maida Vale, 2004)
Sa-Ra – Downtown (Live in Session, Maida Vale, 2004)
Sa-Ra – Glorious/Outro We-R-Ra! (Live in Session, Maida Vale, 2004)
Brenton Wood – Trouble
Koreatown Oddity – Weed in LA
Tyson – Moonlight
Koreatown Oddity – Weed in LA
Sylvia Striplin – You Can’t Turn Me Away
Lamont Butler – Ungodly War
Temptation Rise – He Made A Right From Wrong
The Sylvers – Chaos
Mattie Moss Clark & The Clark Sisters – Ha-ya (Eternal Life)
Joubert Singers & Celestial Choir – Stand On The Word
The Bar‐Kays – Open Your Heart
Jeffrey Darnell – It’s A Good Day?

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