Jennifer Lucy Allan navigates the uncharted waters of adventurous music. En route we take in the tropical synthesizer sounds of Venezuelan producer Molero whose soundscapes prod at the exoticisation of his home country in western Europe.

Honorary Glaswegian Richard Young offers sparse vocalisations for the last of the summer heat and we hear the stripped back production of Tunisian artist Azu Tiwaline.

Plus we preview the finale of this year’s Wysing Polyphonic festival with guest curator Anne Duffau (A—Z), which is themed around the notion of The Ungovernable and features a collaboration between artists in residence Coby Sey, an electronic artist from South London, and Parisian performer Maëva Berthelot who works with trance and the interplay between conscious and unconscious states.

Produced by Alannah Chance.
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3.

1 Nordine Staïfi – Zine Ezzinet

2 Still House Plants – Do

3 Matmos – No Concept

4 A-Z – I’ve never had straight friends before

5 Clarence Ashley – Old John Hardy

6 Tomaga – Futura Grotesk (Live)

7 J. Zunz – Ouve-Me

8 Rachel Musson & Corey Mwamba – Two

9 Augustus Pablo – Babylon Loosing Dub

10 Coby Sey – To

11 Byzantine Orthodox Church Women’s Chorus & Byzantine Orthodox Church Men’s Chorus – Georgian Song 1

12 Moulettes – Idiolect Pt.4 (A Cappella)

13 Azu Tiwaline – Terremer

14 Stephen Bishop – Studying Terminators (2007)

15 Benbo’erba & Babo’erben – Part 1 (from Hu Nian An Yu)

16 Richard Youngs – No Longer In This Perdition

17 Crazy Doberman – Through A Fog, Riddled With Light

18 WaqWaq Kingdom – Positive Sound

19 Molero – Jaguar Capybaras

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