Verity Sharp shares some of the first releases of the year from the realm of the adventurous. Starting with music from Acocope, the name of a new C.A.N.V.A.S compilation that invites artists to deconstruct pop in the spirit of apocalyptic hope. 

Elvin Bradhi, Lugh and Olan Monk have invited CURL’s Alpha Maid and Nadah El Shazly, among others, to come together to make a ‘greatest hits of a half-remembered era of reduced attention spans and blown out pop nihilism’. We feature Alpha Maid’s take on the theme.

Also on the programme: a new release from Ghanaian band Alostmen, whose music is based on the Frafra tradition of the kologo, a stringed lute; an unsettling take on the wassail tradition from Kemper Norton to see in the new year; and a brand new release from ‘experimental metal’ duo Senyawa. Senyawa’s new album combines animist mythology, guttural throat singing and traditional Indonesian instrumentation.

Produced by Alannah Chance
A Reduced Listening Production for BBC Radio 3

1 Sister Marie Knight – Where Shall I Go?

2 Raymond Scott – „Limbo: The Organized Mind“

3 Ed Dowie – Robot Joy Army

4 SPARKLE DIVISION – You Ain’t Takin‘ My Man

5 Alostmen – Fauziah

6 Kemper Norton – wassail 2020

7 Alpha Maid – Harry wants to imagine a world without you

8 Jake Blount – Brown Skin Baby

9 Gabriel Prokofiev – Six Hesit Heist

10 Francis Dhomont – Chambre D’Enfants

11 Electrelane – The Valleys

12 David Allred – Scoop Troop

13 Beverly Glenn-Copeland – River Dreams

14 trio pipeline – orti

15 Thomas Kessler – Said the Shotgun to the Head: O My Friends

16 Arthur Russell – This Is How We Walk On The Moon

17 Okkyung Lee – Teum (The Silvery Slit)

18 Mandel – Mini Suite II

19 Robbie Basho – Bride of Thunder

20 Senyawa – Kabau

21 Divide and Dissolve – We Are Really Worried About You

22 Jonny Nash & Teguh Permana – Bunga

23 Anne Briggs – The Snow It Melts The Soonest

24 Jordan River Boys – When The Moon Goes Down In The Valley Of Time

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