Jennifer Lucy Allan shares a recent composition by Scottish jazz outsider Bill Wells, performed by young brass players from Glasgow as well as sludgy drones from Japanese doom-metal band Boris, something they call “extreme healing music”. There’ll also be space ballads from the Sahara courtesy of Mamman Sani and his electric organ, and experimental dancehall at 90bpm from Equiknoxx’s Gavsborg.

Plus, ahead of a new documentary celebrating the female pioneers of electronic music, we dive into the archives to revisit a performance by Lithuanian virtuoso Clara Rockmore, the queen of the theremin. Produced by Katie Callin. A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3.

The Viaduct Tuba Trio – The Midges
Lena Platonos & Giannis Palamidas – 31/12/1998
Phelimuncasi – Private Party (Prod by Menzi)
Holly Childs & Gediminas Žygus – Hydrangea’s Just the Password Though, Right?
ellen fullman – the gardener
The Melody Mates ‎- Enchantment
Neal Morris & Charlie Everidge – Wave The Ocean, Wave The Sea
Ana Roxanne – Venus
Boris – カレハテタサキ -no ones grieve part 1-
Nour Mobarak – Phoneme Movement
Rian Treanor – Mirror Instant
Clara Rockmore – Rachmaninoff: VOCALISE
Laurie Anderson – Sweaters
Tito – El Hijo
Moor Mother – Act 2 – Circuit Break
Gavsborg – Please Forgive Me For Sampling Shanique’s Song
Adam Cadell – Ballades I
Annapurna Devi – Raga Kaushiki
Raven Chacon – An Anthology of Chants Operations, Side A
Judee Sill – The Donor
Mamman Sani Abdoulaye – Five Hundred Miles

Rachmaninoff: VOCALISE from “Clara Rockmore – The Art of the Theremin” courtesy of the Nadia Reisenberg / Clara Rockmore Foundation and Delos Productions as featured in the film “Sisters With Transistors”.

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