Jennifer Lucy Allan presents a 30-minute mixtape compiled by the New York-based sound artist, musician and composer Lea Bertucci. Bertucci is an electro-acoustic minimalist who has a distinctive relationship with the acoustics.

She has a background working with woodwind, primarily the alto saxophone and bass clarinet, but treats the space around her as a collaborator in its own right, recording in defunct cement mines, under bridges and in military bunkers. For this mix she delves into her archives to select field recordings, medieval song, spectralism and free jazz, glued together with excerpts of recordings she has made in locations over the years. Also on the menu: pulled-apart post-punk by London trio Mosquitoes; new compositions for gamelan by Indonesian composer Dewa Alit; a slug of psychedelia from 1960s Sweden by Pärson Sound; and an early piece by the iconic Diamanda Galas. Produced by Alannah Chance.

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1 The Dynamites – Kingston Dub Town

2 Sonny Sharrock – Black Woman

3 Hassan Wargui – Azmz

4 Lea Bertucci – Percussion (III)

5 MC Yallah & Eomac – Mama Waliwamanyii

6 Mosquitoes – Minus Object Nine

7 Diamanda Galás – The Litanies Of Satan

8 Nick Drake – From The Morning

9 Lea Bertucci – Brass (II)

10 Cecil Taylor – Piano Solo 1984

11 ‚Are’are Singers – ‚Are’are music

12 Erik Satie – Furniture Music: Tenture De Cabinet Prefectoral

13 Lea Bertucci – Warp And Weft

14 Beatriz Ferreyra – Echos

15 Lea Bertucci – Axis:Rio (field recording)

16 Pauline Oliveros – Mnemonics II

17 ‚Are’are Singers – Chants de femmes

18 Erik Satie – Furniture Music: Tapisserie En Fer Forge

19 Studio der Frühen Musik & Thomas Binkley – Lasse, Pour Quoi Refusai

20 Lawrence English – Suikinkutsu Taima Japan

21 Tashi Dorji – Attain

22 Lea Bertucci – Field recordings from Brooklyn New York demonstrations, June 2020

23 Cecil Taylor – Reinforced Concrete, Part 1

24 Iancu Dumitrescu – Au Dela De Movemur

25 William Parker – Baldwin [from THE MAJESTY OF JAH]

26 Amaria Hamadalher – Tarhanine

27 Keith Tippett – Dance

28 Dewa Alit & Gamelan Salukat – Genetic

29 Pärson Sound – Tio Minuter

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