Verity Sharp with a stellar improvised session from a drummer and cellist who have never met or played together before. Plus a tribute to Cecil Taylor.

Abel Selaocoe and Sarathy Korwar, two musicians who have never met before, come together for a stellar improvised session.

Cellist and vocalist Abel Selaocoe was raised in a township outside Johannesburg, and picked up his first cello aged 11. The instrument was shared by other children at his school, however, so he learned to play by using a broom as an imaginary bow. After gaining a musical scholarship to a prestigious school in South Africa, he went on to attend the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. His collaborative work since has seen him perform music influenced by classical, jazz, and folk traditions at non-traditional venues.

Percussionist Sarathy Korwar was born in the USA, grew up in Chennai, and is now a key fixture on the London jazz scene. As composer and bandleader he fuses traditional Indian music with contemporary improvisation, electronica, spoken word and field recordings. He has two innovative and acclaimed solo albums under his belt.

Also tonight, your host Verity Sharp plays words and music from radical jazz pioneer Cecil Taylor, who passed away two years ago this week.

Produced by Jack Howson
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3

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1 Kris Davis – Diatom Ribbons (feat. J.D. Allen & Tony Malaby)

2 Abel Selaocoe & Sarathy Korwar – Improvisation 1 (‚Arrival‘)

3 Cucina Povera- Teerenpeli

4 Gabriella Smith – Tessellations

5 Wilma Archer – Last Sniff (feat. MF DOOM)

6 The Grid – Brutal Kings

7 Six Organs of Admittance – The Scout Is Here

8 Abel Selaocoe & Sarathy Korwar – Improvisation 5

9 Abel Selaocoe & Sarathy Korwar – Improvisation 2

10 Jonny Greenwood – 48 Responses To Polymorphia: Three Oak Leaves

11 Cecil Taylor – Enter Evening (Soft Line Structure)

12 Eliza Carthy & Ben Seal – The Lute Girl

13 Mark Vernon – Vardoger

14 Nini Raviolette – Suis-Je Normale

15 Pharmakon – Ache

16 The Beacon Sound Choir – Fortunate Ones

17 Yosuke Fujita – sukima

18 Rhiannon Armstrong – Can Ye Sew Cushions layered with Baby Yun

19 Clarice Jensen – Metastable

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