BBC Radio 3 Freeness – Steve Lehmann

The saxophonist introduces a series of solo vignettes recorded in the front seat of his car during lockdown. Plus Joëlle Léandre’s Tentet recorded at Tampere Jazz Festival 2019.

After realising that he wouldn’t be able to be with his mother for her 80th birthday, Steve Lehman created a gift that pays tribute to the incredibly wide array of music that she introduced him to as a child.

Plus there’s a recording of Joëlle Léandre’s Tentet performing her long-form piece Can You Hear Me?, an allegory of talking and listening at the Tampere Jazz Festival 2019. Presented by Corey Mwamba.

A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3
Produced by Rebecca Gaskell

Link zum Player


1 Monocled Man – Memory/Ugly Spirit

2 Joelle Leandre Tentet – Can You Hear Me?

3 Steve Lehman – Grandy Twins

4 Iannis Xenakis – Bohor

5 Steve Lehman – 2 Gears /13 Satellites

6 Steve Lehman – Ecstatics

7 Steve Lehman – CR-V

8 Allan Holdsworth, Ray Warleigh, Ron Mathewson & Bryan Spring – Warleigh Manor Part 2

9 Tony Bevan & Ashley Wales – Dark Journey

10 Tania Caroline Chen & Wadada Leo Smith – Cottonwood

11 Chris Dowding – scribbles

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