Corey pays tribute to the late British guitarist John Russell, whose kind and welcoming nature was at the heart of his Mopomoso live concert series, the longest-running improvised music night in London. Joining Corey is his close friend and collaborator of over 20 years, Paul Smyth.

Also in the show, stride bass lines and chunky, rhythmic chords from a solo piano album by the late Geri Allen. Known for her lyricism, soul and virtuosity, Geri’s musicality sings out on her solo album from 2010, Flying Toward The Sound. Plus an impressionist track from tenor saxophonist and electro-acoustic artist Jan Kopinski alongside drummer Steve Harris and there’s a closely-mic’d experiment for solo voice from the Australian artist Charmaine Lee.

Produced by Rebecca Gaskell
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3

Photo from Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra

1 Juliana Day – Concealed/Classified 5 for Juliana Day

2 Geri Allen – Dancing Mystic Poets At Twylight

3 Susan Alcorn Quintet – Pedernal

4 Fête Quaqua – Archaeology

5 Charmaine Lee – Pickles

6 Blanc Sceol – Spirit Box

7 Jan Kopinski & Steve Harris – Lake Dancing

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