BBC Radio 3 Freeness: Pushing into new territory … anhören! …

The Mexican vibraphonist Patricia Brennan has been frustrated by the limited repertoire for her instrument in both contemporary music and jazz since she was a student. 

Now based in New York and a member of several big bands and orchestras she has just released her debut solo album of improvised pieces. Patricia talks about how she has pushed her instrument into new territory with an abundance of electronics and extended techniques alongside lyrical fluidity and graceful dexterity. Joyful flurries from the American pianist Amina Claudine Myers and her trio will lift your spirits and there’s music from the Norwegian saxophonist Signe Emmeluth, who prides herself on her “big ears and good intuition”.

Produced by Rebecca Gaskell
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3

1 Mark Feldman – As We Are

2 Amina Claudine Myers – Song From The West

3 Patricia Brennan – I Like For You To Be Still

4 Vipertime – All Our Heroes Are Dead

5 Francesca Ter‐Berg – Wtybcrechk

6 A Twittering Machine – Who Knows

7 Emmeluth’s Amoeba – Silhouette

8 Marilyn Crispell – America

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