The saxophonist and composer introduces her new solo album and there’s new music from the guitarist Chris Montague. Presented by Corey Mwamba.

The saxophonist and composer introduces her new solo album, Enso. It combines recordings she’s made of everyday experiences over the last year, processed and mixed with electronics and her saxophone playing.

Also in the show, Corey plays a track from guitarist Chris Montague’s new record for a drum-less trio that focuses on colour and harmony, and a dreamy solo piece by the Newcastle-based pianist Paul Taylor.

Produced by Rebecca Gaskell
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3

Link zum Player


1 Chris Montague – Irish Handcuffs

2 Arlene Dunn, Larry Dunn & Kirk Pearson – In Oberlin

3 Paul Taylor – Altceva 2

4 Lara Jones – Thai Chi

5 Cecil Taylor – Conquistador

6 Collectress – Roaming Bones

7 Max Hummus – Curious Mice Never Squeal

8 Patricia Brennan – Sonnet

9 Nicole Mitchell – Yes and Know

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