Corey Mwamba provides a guided listen to the best new improvised music. This week features a rich and dexterous exploration of the acoustic bass from Neil Charles; the saxophonist Matana Roberts and pianist Pat Thomas speak the truth on a new duo recording full of long lyrical lines, locked grooves and neat switchbacks.

And there’s music from Zambia’s Western Province with plenty of improvisation and individualistic identity on a new compilation called Kangombio Silimba Jazz.

Produced by Rebecca Gaskell
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3

1 Pablo Aguirre – Biuches

2 Alfred Chiyembele – Instrumental

3 Neil Charles – Number 4

4 Matana Roberts & Pat Thomas – Part 3

5 Johnny Butler – Red Shirt, White Dress

6 Murmuüre – Reincarnate

7 Rion Sanura – Invocation

8 Lina Allemano – Portrait of Sticks (for Nick)

9 Wings of an Angel – Y’all Are The Illuminati’s Reptilians

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