BBC Radio 3 Freeness: Discus Music

Celebrating the 100th release on the wide-ranging creative label Discus Music run by Martin Archer. Beginning 30-years ago as an output for Martin’s own music, Discus has since branched out to supporting a diverse range of musicians across the globe and covers areas of extended song form, free jazz, electronic music and left-field rock. The honour of their 100th title goes to the Palestinian pianist Dirar Kalash and his first encounter with a grand piano for a long time.

Plus, a track from saxophonist and free jazz pioneer Albert Ayler’s 1964 live album Bells and Prophecy; the noise artist and poet Moor Mother shares her first foray into theatrical work and a younger label, Bloxham Tapes celebrates their 25th release with a slowly moving duo of clarinet and electronics. Produced by Rebecca Gaskell A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3.


1 Luís Vicente, John Dikeman, William Parker & Hamid Drake – 2nd Sentence

2 Lars Rynning & Suren Seneviratne – Slowly

3 Karin Johansson & Lisen Rylander Löve – Skimrande Nervblad

4 Dirar Kalash – Thresholds At Fingertips

5 Hello Spiral – Valve Nomenclature

6 Harriet Riley & Alex Garden – Sonder

7 Albert Ayler – Ghosts (Second Variation)

8 Moor Mother – Act 3 – Time Of No Time

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