Paul Purgas joins Verity Sharp to explore the lost history of India’s electronic avant-garde and we play music from Saharan WhatsApp messages and a new piece from Okkyung Lee.

Paul Purgas is a British electronic musician of Indian heritage and one half of the duo Emptyset. In 2018 he found a box of dusty reel to reel tapes in a design school in Ahmedabad, west India. The electronic compositions he discovered revealed a whole new chapter of Indian musical history that transformed his perception of electronic music. For years he had looked towards the West to understand the story of electronic sound, whether it be Stockhausen in Cologne or Laurie Spiegel in Bell Labs, but this changed everything. Ahead of a Radio 3 Sunday Feature on the subject, Paul joins Verity to play some of the music from the original tapes and discuss the discoveries he made along the way.

Plus, we shake off the cobwebs with South African accordion jive, a new release from cellist Okkyung Lee and recordings from Saharan WhatsApp messages.

Produced by Alannah Chance.
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3.

Link zum Player


1 Bananagun – People Talk Too Much

2 Kraftwerk – Tanzmusik

3 Fairuz – Habbeytak

4 Charanjit Singh – Raga Bhairav

5 Phyu Hnin Thwin, Crazy Eels Society & Ito – Z,grr

6 Transkapela – Dojna „Zsido“; Ardeleana

7 Nathaniel Robin Mann – Gangsta’s Paradise

8 Nicole Mitchell & Lisa E. Harris – Evenascence / Evanescence

9 Emptyset – Axil

10 SC Sharma – Dance Music (Excerpt)

11 Mayor Gita – Gitaben’s Composition (Excerpt)

12 Jinraj Joshipura – Spaceliner 2001 (Excerpt)

13 Marks and The Shaluza Boys – Repairs

14 Okkyung Lee – Another Old Story

15 Norman Westberg – Brooklyn/Opening St. Vitus

16 Natalia Beylis – Hotta Hotta

17 Methods Body – Quiet Pt. 2 – Tell Us to Be

18 Alkibar Jr. – Soukabe Mali

19 Pascal le Boeuf – Imp in Impulse: II. Tomato Caprice

20 Cut A Lonely Figure – Sugimoto Seascapes side A

21 Michael Gordon, Donald Nally & The Crossing – On That Terrible Beautiful Morning

22 Sonic Youth – Skip Tracer

23 Hayri Dev – Bogaz (airs de gorge)

24 Las Malas Amistades – La Cresta De La Ola

25 Ondness – Malta Inquieta

26 The Leaf Library & The Scattered Orchestra – You May Not Forget

27 Katia Engel – 5-6am Morning Prayers


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