Does the avant garde fall in love? Can you fall in love with a spoon? As couples across the country finish their Valentines dinner for two, Jennifer Lucy Allan settles in for two hours of the most unconventional takes on love that we can find.

Expect odes to inanimate objects, love cassettes from Tony Conrad’s Four Violins, amorous country funk from Jim Ford, songs for the lonesome by one-man outsider band Abner Jay and lover’s rock from Sonya Spence. Luc Ferrari’s steamy Danses Organiques also makes an appearance, centring on a strange meeting between two girls and a tape recorder accompanied with spiralling musique concrete and his observations on ‘organ-ic’ music, possibly the most sexy piece of musique concrete ever put to tape. Also tonight, Jennifer has democratic post-punk from Ut, a performance by the late cellist Charles Curtis and shimmering chords for the last Glaciation by Richard Skelton. Produced by Alannah Chance. A Reduced Listening Production for BBC Radio 3

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1 Jenny Hval – The Practice Of Love (feat. Laura Jean & Vivian Wang)

2 Jenny Hval – High Alice

3 Will Guthrie – Lit 1+2

4 Jim Ford – I’m Gonna Make Her Love Me


6 Crys Cole – In Praise Of Blandness (Chapter IX)

7 Throbbing Gristle – Hot On The Heels Of Love

8 Ut – Mosquito Botticelli

9 Luc Ferrari – Danses Organique 2

10 Luc Ferrari – Danses Organique 3

11 Luc Ferrari – Danses Organique 4

12 Jake Thackray – Isabel Makes Love Upon National Monuments

13 Svitlana Nianio & Alexander Yurchenko – Untitled 1

14 Charles Curtis – Rice and Beans for Charles Curtis (2008)

15 Sonya Spence – Apron

16 Tony Conrad – Four Violins

17 Jockstrap – Acid

18 Richard Skelton – III

19 Abner Jay – I’m So Depressed

20 Cat Stevens – I Love My Dog

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