„Æ – Anton Eger“ 23.1.2020 Live At Bimhuis

‘The Scandinavian drummer is a fearless daredevil. Anton Eger carefully crafted a music that’s in its own peg hole; evocative of many, replicative of none. The main appeal of Æ comes not that it’s part electronica, part fusion jazz, part alternative RnB … it smartly grafts the best elements of them all’ (Something Else).

Anton Eger attracts all the attention with his impressive drumming, as could be noticed in his performances at the BIMHUIS with Phronesis and the Marius Neset Quartet. After a year serving as a military drummer in His Majesty’s King’s Guard in Norway, he hungered for new territories and jazz and rhythmically complex music became a major part of his life. On his album Æ he pulls out all the stops, drawing on an eclectic genre-defying mix of electronica, hardcore contemporary beats and retro guilty pleasures.


Tony Roe: keys
Matt Calvert: guitar/live processing
Robin Mullarkey: bass
Anton Eger: drums

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